Sustainability Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of clean, renewable energy solutions that helps drive down usage and costs, supports your company's decarbonization efforts and future-proofs the supply chain.

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You want to reduce carbon emissions, energy cost and deploy a zero-emissions fleet. We can do that together with Energy Essentials.

Prologis LightSmart

Prologis LightSmart offers energy efficiency, convenience and added security. Working with your logistics team, the LightSmart program helps upgrade your current fixtures to high-efficiency, low-energy LED lighting without the hassle of purchasing new lighting. Prologis manages the design, development and implementation of the LightSmart upgrade for you—and covers all associated replacement costs. There’s no capital investment on your part required, and you benefit from reduced operating and maintenance costs, better lighting quality and reduced carbon emissions.

Prologis SolarSmart

Solar, a nearly limitless source of energy, just got simple. With more than 300 megawatts of solar installed on our rooftops, we're a global leader in building solar-generating capacity. With Prologis SolarSmart, we handle everything from design and permits to installation and ongoing maintenance. And while you reduce your company’s carbon footprint, we take care of the rest.

Prologis StorageSmart

When you need power most, you’ll have it. Save excess power with backup battery storage integrated into our SolarSmart system. It’s the ideal defense against power outages. StorageSmart drives cost-effective energy solutions, while increasing resiliency by ensuring uninterrupted productivity, safeguarded customer data and reliable communications during an outage.

Smart Meters

With smart metering, your logistics facility will benefit from smart control of utilities for greater energy efficiency, another example of our unrelenting focus on innovation. Working with our partner Redaptive, a leader in efficiency-as-a-service, we provide sensor-controlled smart meters and ongoing support to meet the needs of your facility and business. Our online system includes a mobile app—available at some properties—that allows you to read all utility meters in your facilities remotely to manage energy consumption, analyze facility operations, access utility financial data and, with additional modules, control temperature, humidity and pressure levels.

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