Available Warehouse Space in Moissy Cramayel

MOISSY I _CDubreuil_Septembre 2014_BD (41)
220,090 SF

Moissy DC 5

Moissy Cramayel, France

• Surface : 20 447 m˛
• Availability : immediate
• Operating permits : 1510, 1530, 1532, 2662, 2663-1, 2663-2
• Surface of the park : 260 000

Perspective bâtiment
15 AC

Prologis Park Moissy II Les Chevrons

Moissy Cramayel, France

Bâtiments ŕ développer en clé-en-main locatif - loyers attractifs
- bâtiments classe A derničre génération
- de 40.000 ŕ 100.000 m˛
- 2 bâtiments...

Available Properties by Location in Moissy Cramayel


Liliya Larcombe
Leasing France Nord
+33 (0)1 48 14 55 27
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Goods in motion through one of the world’s busiest ports, Hong Kong.

Customer Growth Strategies: Europe's Most Desirable Logistics Locations

The European logistics market is changing rapidly. Supply chains are being restructured, economies are expanding and e-commerce is accelerating. To understand how these changes are affecting the real estate market and location preferences, Prologis Research and eyefortransport (eft) polled logistics operators across Europe to find out which criteria are most important and which locations are thriving. The survey was conducted from February to May 2017, with 280 respondents across sectors ranging...

Logistics warehouse with trucks

European E-Commerce, E-Fulfilment and Job Creation

As e-commerce grows and evolves, so too will the supply chains, facilities and talent that support the critical functions of e-fulfilment. E-fufilment...

Prologis Portfolio of Industrial Properties in Moissy Cramayel

Paris, Europe’s Largest Logistics Real Estate Market

Paris, Europe’s Largest Logistics Real Estate Market

Paris, with a population of 12.5 million consumers, is among Europe’s largest logistics markets. The city commands one-third of France’s total GDP. Its economy is driven by financial, business and IT services.

A thriving center of global commerce, Paris serves as headquarters to 25 Fortune 500 companies—the third-highest concentration after Tokyo...

Industrial Property and Logistics Space

We own and operate high-quality warehouse and logistics facilities that help ensure the efficient distribution of goods for the world's best brands and businesses. Our forward-looking approach helps our customers stay ahead of their customers, their competitors and a rapidly changing marketplace.

We take pride in getting to know our customers, understanding their aspirations and exceeding their expectations. Whether a customer needs a small logistics space or a large warehouse for lease in Moissy Cramayel, we listen and respond. No matter what it takes, our reliable and resourceful real estate experts go the extra mile for our customers.

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