This project will deliver over 2.7 million SF (253,300 SQM) of modern warehouse space. There will be four single-story and four two-story warehouses, a total of eight facilities.
The site is only 5 kilometers from downtown Xianyang and 10 kilometers from downtown Xi’an, offering good visibility and immediate access to the Xi’an G30 south expressway. The location will benefit from the Belt and Road initiative and is excellent for both city and regional distribution. Commuting to and from downtown Xi’an will be convenient upon completion of the Metro Line 5, which is only 3 kilometers from the logistics center.

Key Features
  • Located in the Fengxi New Town of the Xi’an Xianyang New Area
  • The site is only 5 km and 10 km from downtown Xiangyang and Xi’an respectively.
  • The site has good visibility with immediate access to the Xi’an G30 South Expressway.