New park amenities in place including a BART shuttle, new signage program, and Booster Fuel service! Additional amenities on the horizon including a bike share and car share program. Expansion opportunities available within the park.

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Prologis North San Jose 19
17728 SF 1646.984 SQM 498.213 tsu

Prologis North San Jose 19

This availability is a warehouse space in the desirable North San Jose submarket. The site is five minutes away from San Jose International Airport
Prologis North San Jose 21
31415 SF 2918.548 SQM 882.861 tsu

Prologis North San Jose 21

This availability is part of a desirable office/R&D project in North San Jose. The building is a LEED Silver certified rehab project. The site has
Prologis North San Jose 23
25300 SF 2350.446 SQM 711.01 tsu

Prologis North San Jose 23

This availability is in the TriPoint Business Park located on the corner of Bering Drive and Devcon Drive. The site parallels Highway 101 and has easy