Free standing warehouse 2 miles off of I-880 and 4 miles to Clawiter & San Mateo Bridge.

Boost efficiency with the right racking

Prologis Essentials helps you plan, select and implement racking options quickly.

  • Better pricing on design, materials and install
  • Fast development and delivery of preconfigured layouts
  • Quality and reliability
Prologis Essentials Racking Solutions

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Prologis Hayward 25
23,944 SF 2224.469 SQM 672.902 tsu

Prologis Hayward 25

High Tech/R&D Environment located 2 Miles from I-880 and 4 Miles to Clawiter & San Mateo Bridge. Directly across the street from Amazon fulfillment
Prologis Hayward 2
24,500 SF 2276.124 SQM 688.528 tsu

Prologis Hayward 2

Immediate access to I-880, Highway 92, Hayward/San Mateo Bridge. High Tech/R&D Environment. High Visibility Location. AC Transit Stops Nearby.
Prologis San Leandro 2
30,150 SF 2801.025 SQM 847.311 tsu

Prologis San Leandro 2

This industrial facility is centrally located in the East Bay Area with easy access to I-880 via the Marina Blvd exit. The site is within 10 miles of