Easy access to I-880 and Hwy 101. In close proximity to San Jose International Airport. Retail and food amenities located on E. Brokaw Road and Oakland Road.

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Prologis North San Jose 37
8823 SF 819.683 SQM 247.954 tsu

Prologis North San Jose 37

This industrial property is in a prominent location in heart of Silicon Valley. This warehouse is conveniently located with access to Highway 101 and

Prologis TriPoint Business Park
7251 SF 673.64 SQM 203.776 tsu

Prologis TriPoint Business Park

This Office/R&D property is located on the corner of Zanker Road and Devcon Drive close to US Highway 101 and Interstate 880. The location is only 3

Prologis North San Jose 23
25300 SF 2350.446 SQM 711.01 tsu

Prologis North San Jose 23

This availability is in the TriPoint Business Park located on the corner of Bering Drive and Devcon Drive. The site parallels Highway 101 and has easy