About Prologis European Logistics Fund

Prologis European Logistics Fund, FCP-FIS (the “Fund”) was formed in August 2007 as an open-ended vehicle with the purpose of owning and operating core industrial distribution properties across Europe.

PELF Fund Overview

Data as of June 30 2018. Loan-to-Value based on Gross Market Values. Percent Occupied refers to the occupancy of the Operating Portfolio.

Prologis International Funding II S.A.

On 16 October 2017, Prologis Targeted Europe Logistics Fund, FCP-FIS (“PTELF”) and Prologis European Properties Fund II, FCP-FIS (“PEPF II”) combined to create Prologis European Logistics Fund, FCP-FIS (“PELF”), an €8.2 billion open-ended fund.

These two highly complementary portfolios span approximately 10 million square metres across 12 countries.

In conjunction with the successful completion of the combination, S&P upgraded PELF’s credit rating to A-. Under the terms of the transaction, assets and liabilities of PTELF were contributed to PELF in exchange for units.

The exchange was based on the fair market value of each fund as of 30 September 2017. Prologis, Inc. retained its current indirect ownership of PELF and currently holds 26.2 per cent. of the combined entity.

The combination was effected via an acquisition of assets and liabilities of PTELF by PEPF II which, as the combined entity, was renamed PELF. PELF will continue to act as guarantor under the Prologis International Funding II S.A. EUR 5,000,000,000 Guaranteed Euro Medium Term Note Programme (the “Programme”).

Notes issued under the Programme are, and may in the future be, listed on the Euro MTF market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

For the purposes of MAR and Article 2 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1055, this announcement is made by Gert-Jan Meerkerk, director of Prologis International Funding II S.A.

This information was first publicly disclosed on 17 October 2017.

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