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Personnel working in a warehouse in Prologis Park Shanghai Qinpu
Market Environment

Taking the Bullwhip by the Horns: Inventory Examined

News of overstocked stores and warehouses has dominated recent headlines which, on the surface, could be concerning. Prologis Research took a deeper dive to understand the data and implications for U

Prologis Warehouse located on Interstate 1
Industrial Business Indicator

Utilization Rising

Retail sales and re-stocking boosted the flow of goods through 2Q. IBI activity increased 140 bps from the prior quarter to 66.4 in Q2. Logistics users continued to expand distribution network

E-commerce and the Future of Retail
Market Environment

E-commerce and the Future of Retail, Delivered by Logistics Real Estate

Following our May 11 webinar on the outlook for logistics real estate, we have continued to field questions about our assumptions for demand. In this piece, Prologis Research re-examines the

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