Corporate News

Prologis Anticipates Being Well-Positioned with Customers Post-COVID-19

In a recent video interview with Nareit’s REITweek: Virtual Investor Conference, Gary Anderson, COO of Prologis, said that Prologis was well-positioned pre-COVID-19, and could be even better positioned post-COVID-19 because of the company’s investments in digital infrastructure.

Industry Innovation

Prologis EEGLE

In September 2019, Prologis Southern Europe launched EEGLE, a digital interface that allows customers to manage their logistics buildings remotely. This intuitive application allows customers to better control their facilities thanks to Business Information Modeling (BIM) technology and artificial intelligence. The tool was developed by Prologis and Resolving, a data management software company.

Corporate News

Prologis’ Global Day of Service: IMPACT Day 2019

May 18, 2019 marked Prologis' sixth annual global day of service, IMPACT Day, when we give back to the communities where we live and work. IMPACT Day brings Prologis’ core values of Integrity, Mentorship, Passion, Accountability, Courage and Teamwork (IMPACT) to life. For the second consecutive year, Prologis partnered with Habitat for Humanity on projects across six countries.

Industry Innovation

The next generation of carbon-neutral warehouses

In May 2019, Prologis opened a state-of-the-art carbon-neutral logistics facility for L’Oréal. The facility is L’Oréal’s largest distribution center worldwide and covers over 1 million square feet.

Customer News

A World of Music Warehouse with the Göteborg Opera

Behind the facade of logistics building DC2 in Gothenburg Park II in Torslanda, lies an unexpected industry. In this facility, Prologis proudly hosts a distinguished tenant: the Gothenburg opera house. The nearly 9,000 square meter warehouse and workshop solves logistics for the big opera company in central Gothenburg, where performances and rehearsals revolve constantly.

Industry Innovation

Prologis at The Bridge, Dartford

In the early 2000s, Dartford Borough Council decided to regenerate a 264 acre site known as The Bridge to create a new, environmentally-friendly community, where people could live, work, send their children to school and enjoy their leisure time. To bring this aspiration to life, it needed to select a private sector partner with the expertise and staying power to transform a derelict, overgrown site into a new neighborhood for Dartford. See why the Council chose to partner with Prologis.