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Online Grocery Sales Skyrocketing Despite Dearth Of Warehouse Space

Source: Bisnow

Prologis’ plan is to get close to people, Kenney said. To that end, the company has been investing in real estate closer to urban centers. Prologis...


The green multiplier effect

Source: The Financial Times

Prologis, the global real estate logistics company, was in the market yesterday with its maiden green bond. The €300m bond was actually sold by...

HR Conference

Build Up Local Business Through A Global Platform

Source: Bisnow

Prologis’ Hamid Moghadam gives insights on how to keep customers satisfied and grow a company in a market where product for sale is scarce during BMC...


State of Industrial Real Estate: It’s crunch time

Source: Logistics Management

DCs are hot, especially for e-commerce fulfillment. But with so much demand, space availability is not necessarily ready to be had. Companies...


NY/NJ Distribution Market Was The World's Best For Rent Growth In 2017

Source: Bisnow

The New York/New Jersey logistics market experienced the fastest rent growth of any market in the world in 2017, according to a Prologis report. Rent...

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Logistics Rent Index signals continued growth in U.S. West Coast: Prologis

Source: Logistics Management

San Francisco-based Prologis released its third annual Logistics Rent Index recently, drawing on data from Prologis’ global portfolio and examines...

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Blackstone, USAA Have Concerns About Industrial Real Estate

Source: Bisnow

Industrial real estate has a lot going for it. Vacancy and cap rates are low, and exploding e-commerce means the demand for distribution centers is...


Let's Treat Tenants More Like Customers

Source: Globe Street

Prologis COO Larry Harmsen charts the ways in which his company's recently introduced program addresses the normally cumbersome annual reconciliations...

Hamid Forbes

Amazon's Landlord: How The E-Commerce Boom Is Propelling Warehouse King Prologis To New Heights

Source: Forbes

Because if you believe in e-commerce, you believe in Prologis. While internet shopping has devastated demand for traditional retail spaces, it has had...

Georgetown Crossroads

As Amazon Moves In, Demand for Warehouse Space Climbs

Source: New York Times

Multistory warehouses are unproven in the United States, but potential tenants for the Seattle property have been receptive to the idea, said Larry...

Prologis Building

The Future of Online Retailing is Bright

Source: The Economist

For years smouldering hazardous waste sparked fires among the rubbish. But Bleecker Street is now dotted with empty shops, their landlords unable to...


Prologis CEO on the E-commerce Effect on Warehouses

Source: CNBC

Prologis CEO, discusses how his company is taking advantage of the booming e-commerce space with warehouses to fulfill the needs of the consumer.

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