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Amazon's Landlord: How The E-Commerce Boom Is Propelling Warehouse King Prologis To New Heights

Forbes: While internet shopping has devastated demand for traditional retail spaces, it has had the opposite effect on industrial real estate. Amazon is Prologis' largest tenant, occupying 16 million square feet. (Prologis is also Amazon's largest landlord, accounting for 13% of the warehouse space it operates.) Why? Getting a book to you in less than 48 hours (Amazon Prime's promise) means already having it--and several thousand other items--nearby when you order.

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The Future of Online Retailing is Bright

The Economist: For years smoldering hazardous waste sparked fires among the rubbish. But Bleecker Street is now dotted with empty shops, their landlords unable to find tenants. The lot in New Jersey has been cleaned up and turned into a giant warehouse by Prologis, the world’s biggest industrial-property firm. The chemical fires are out. Delivery trucks are in.

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As Amazon Moves In, Demand for Warehouse Space Climbs

New York Times: Multistory warehouses are unproven in the United States, but potential tenants for the Seattle property have been receptive to the idea, said Larry Harmsen, chief operating officer for the Americas at Prologis. The company also plans to develop such a property in San Francisco. "They're not just crazy experiments," he said.

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Warehouse Rental Rates Jump as Industrial Capacity is Squeezed

Wall Street Journal: Rental rates for industrial real estate surged in the U.S. in 2015, boosted by the economic recovery and historically low vacancies in major logistics markets. The first annual Prologis Logistics Rent Index report, which examined net effective rents in 57 major global markets, found that the U.S. outpaced the rest of the world in 2015 in the growth of industrial rental costs. 

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Introducing Executives of the Year Closeups - Hamid Moghadam

Commercial Property Executive: Voted by the CPE 100, an invited group of industry leaders, the Executives of the Year represent all major property categories and business sectors. Our series begins with a longtime leader in the industrial property sector who chalked up his fifth consecutive CPE award last year. Hamid Moghadam, CEO, Prologis Inc. Industrial Property Executive of the Year.

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Prologis to Build First Multistory Warehouse in the U.S.

Wall Street Journal: Prologis Inc., the world’s biggest warehouse owner, is starting construction next year on a three-floor 580,000-square-foot warehouse just outside downtown Seattle that is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

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Is Denver's Industrial Real Estate Market a Sleeping Giant?

Denver’s central location between Chicago and the West Coast and growth in big food and marijuana are largely responsible for the tightening industrial real estate market, record high prices and increasing demand for new construction.