UK Office Manager Brings Carbon Footprint Focus to the Office

Prologis’ office in Solihull, UK, is not new, and it doesn’t have the latest state-of-the-art sustainable design features. Nonetheless, one visionary employee from that office is leading a team of fellow employees to identify and implement strategies to reduce the office’s carbon footprint.   

Prologis UK has a strong history of taking action on climate change.  The team formed a partnership with the environmental charity Cool Earth which has resulted in offsetting embodied carbon emissions from more than 20 UK developments and protecting more than 6,000 acres of South American rainforest. Closer to home, Prologis UK promotes sustainability through educational workshops and a unique sustainability curriculum delivered at more than 30 schools in areas where it has operations. 

According to Julie Bunce, “Extending our sustainability mindset into the Solihull office represented the next step in a natural progression.” Bunce has championed corporate responsibility and sustainability ever since she started with Prologis more than 10 years ago. “You see so much waste in an office environment. There must be some things we can do.

Prologis’ network of site-based teams, known as Sustainability Champions, or Green Group Champions in the UK, advance environmental stewardship and social responsibility efforts by engaging their fellow employees in projects and programs that advance locally relevant goals and strategies. Julie Bunce is one of Prologis UK’s Green Group Champions.

Bunce commissioned an employee survey to gauge interest in sustainability. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that Solihull employees demonstrated strong interest—almost twice the national average compared to similar surveys conducted in the UK Bunce created a Green Group and hosted the group’s first meeting in late 2015 with a workshop to explore simple, low-cost ways to reduce the office’s waste and carbon footprint. The team came up with many ideas that are poised to begin in mid-2016. 

Bunce describes her gratification in working with fellow Green Group employees: “It’s quite exciting to see so many people, when it used to be just me. Having a group helps us do so much more.” As to what motivates her to take on the extra work, she says, “We’re lucky here— we can look out our windows and see trees and fields. And it’s up to us to look after that properly.”

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