Smart Meters

Building on the success of a 2012 pilot, Prologis in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) rolled out smart meters to every Prologis park in Poland in 2015. Smart meters provide significant support to Prologis’ commitment to provide sustainable solutions for its customers.

In homes, offices and warehouses around the world, smart meters are gradually replacing existing gas, electricity and water meters. They collect and send meter readings to a central management system, updating it virtually continuously with consumption information, enabling real-time utility monitoring and management.
The use of smart meters puts an end to the frustration and confusion of estimated bills, where suppliers charge based on forecasted use. Estimated bills frequently result in end-of-year reconciliation payments, which are an administrative burden on warehouse customers.

“Smart metering was a logical first step before the implementation of other technologies, like smart heating or lights. Secondly, it was part of process simplification for our accounting procedures. And finally, cost reduction on the facility management side,” says Vaclav Krasanovsky, director of property management Czech Republic and Slovakia.

To ensure the smart meters met customers’ requirements, the CEE team worked closely with a local software developer to come up with a tailored solution. Customers wanted easy access to their data, so Prologis developed a web application to provide just that.

“Lessons learned and experience gained from installing smart metering across the CEE region will be shared with the rest of the Prologis team globally. It is clear from our findings that the ability to monitor and manage energy consumption in real time is an essential tool for customers looking to adapt a more energy-efficient approach to their operations,” says Krasanovsky.

“It is our intention to bring smart metering to as many parks as possible across Europe. This will multiply environmental benefits for the communities where we operate and operational savings for our customers. In addition, broad deployment of smart meters will position us well for implementation of other sustainable technologies in the future,” he adds.

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