Prologis Shares Thoughts on New Era of ESG Disclosure

Image of Jeannie Renee-Malone Prologis VP of ESG

Jeannie Renné-Malone, VP of ESG at Prologis


GreenBiz, a media company focusing on the intersection of business, technology and sustainability, recently reached out to senior executives for their perspectives on the alignment of investors and companies to accelerate capital growth with regard to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and governance (ESG).

Jeannie Renné-Malone, VP of ESG at Prologis and a member of the GreenBiz Executive Network, noted that there is increasing interest in climate change disclosure from institutional investors. She also called out the ongoing scientific consensus that the earth’s climate is warming. Prologis sees these trends as both a responsibility and an opportunity, given the connection between good ESG practices and good business that point the way forward to a more resilient future.

Jeannie noted that Prologis is developing a roadmap to meet its new science-based target (SBT). She said the company will continue to identify new technologies and business practices that minimize its environmental impacts and also create value for its stakeholders. Read the GreenBiz article for more about ESG disclosures and strategies at Prologis.

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