Prologis Receives QualityScore Badge from Institutional Shareholder Services

Prologis received the highest score for excellence in the categories of environmental stewardship and social responsibility in the most recent QualityScore assessment from Institutional Shareholder Services, the world’s leading provider of corporate governance and responsible investment solutions for asset owners, asset managers, hedge funds and asset service providers. 

The score, an indication of quality relative to industry peers, is a testament to Prologis’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and the enduring value of our portfolio.

Environmental sustainability is integrated into Prologis’ business strategy and core company values. Efficient buildings cost less to operate and maintain, which generates value for our customers, investors and the communities in which we live and work. We have been developing buildings to recognized sustainability standards for well over a decade and upgrade existing buildings with efficient lighting, cool roofs and low-water solutions. We build our warehouses and distribution centers to be durable, reliable, resilient, efficient, and beneficial for communities and the environment.

On a social level, we strive to be a good neighbor, contributing to the communities where we live and work. On IMPACT Day, Prologis’ global day of service, our employees work together to give back. In addition, every Prologis employee has the opportunity to take paid time off to volunteer for the charitable organization of their choice. In 2017, our employees donated more than 11,200 hours while the company donated 84 months of rent-free space to 19 nonprofit organizations through our Space for Good program and granted over $2 million in charitable contributions to support meaningful causes.

We have a culture that advances talent through inclusion and diversity; learning, development and leadership training; excellent benefits; and robust health and wellness programs. Prologis’ committed employees go above and beyond to do the right thing for our customers, communities and other stakeholders—consistently.

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