Prologis Efforts to Transform Bronx Building Builds Relationships with Local Artists and Neighborhood Teens

In September, the Prologis East team unveiled a mural at Bronx 1, Prologis' newly acquired and renovated last-touch facility in the Bronx, New York. Given that most industrial properties in the area are self-storage facilities and autobody shops, the mural not only adds an artistic element to the neighborhood, it tells the story, in vibrant color, of how the growing logistics industry is bringing jobs to the Bronx. The mural, shown below, depicts the life cycle of a typical delivery, from port to doorstep. Completed by Bronx-based muralists Tats Cru, the painting illustrates Prologis’ role in facilitating the efficient movement of goods.

Tats Cru from left to right; Nicer, BG (Big Guy) and Bio

Tats Cru from left to right; Nicer, BG (Big Guy) and Bio


Commissioning a mural from local artists is one way Prologis is connecting with and giving back to the community. The mural, painted by respected Bronx-based artists, also helps to protect the building from graffiti. This redevelopment project, Prologis' first in New York City, kicked off in March 2017. It included restoring the building’s façade, installing vertical lifts, upgrading mechanical systems and adding loading docks.

The Prologis East team also cleaned up the land behind the building and opened it to youth development nonprofit Rocking the Boat for wetlands education.

Response to the mural and property improvements has been phenomenal. Read more about Prologis’ commitment to being a good neighbor in the communities where we work and live here.

Learn more about Prologis Bronx here.

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