A New Approach to Warehouse Lighting Costs

Lighting is one of the main electrical loads that drives up operating costs in a warehouse. LEDs, the top pick for efficiency-focused lighting upgrades, are a high-quality source of low-energy light. A typical LED upgrade, however, is a time-consuming, capital-intensive process, and tracking the associated savings can be a challenge.

To help customers reluctant to undertake such a complex project, Prologis has launched LightSmart, an innovative model that offers upgrades to high-efficiency, low-energy LED lighting without any capital investment. LightSmart isn’t appropriate in every situation. Financial viability is dependent on a number of factors, including existing lighting and controls, operating hours, utility rates and available incentives. At suitable sites, Prologis will provide a full-service upgrade of in-place lighting fixtures, cover all associated costs and manage all aspects of the installation.

To provide customers with transparent reports on the energy savings generated from the upgrades, Prologis will install submeters that provide real-time data on lighting use. To cover the cost of upgrades, customers will allocate a portion of the money saved, by reducing energy bills, to Prologis. Another appealing feature is the flexibility of the service, which is set up so that customers only make LightSmart payments through the term of their lease.

In addition to being at least 40 percent more energy efficient than fluorescent lighting, LED delivers better quality light, virtually eliminates maintenance and related downtime, and is an environmentally conscious technology.

Where LightSmart is available, interested customers can talk to their local Prologis team or visit our website for more information. Stay tuned for further details as this valuable program rolls out.

For other Prologis energy innovations, visit our Sustainable Development page.

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