Earth Day Update on Prologis' Sustainability Initiatives

Prologis' Sustainability Initiatives

Prologis recently made its seventh consecutive appearance on the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World index.

The 2015 rankings, compiled by Toronto-based advisory firm Corporate Knights, were announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January.

To make it onto the list, companies must pass a rigorous test of key performance indicators (KPIs) that include everything from energy and carbon productivity to employee turnaround and leadership diversity.

“We’re especially conscious about sustainability because we have a large global footprint, which gives us the opportunity to make a difference where we do business,” says Jeannie Renné-Malone, Prologis’ vice president of sustainability.

As of this writing, Prologis’ sustainable building certifications spanned more than 52 million square feet across 14 countries. Expect that number to continue to grow, Renné-Malone says.

“Our customers, investors and employees expect us to bring our best to the table,” she adds. “Taking great care with how we plan and build our facilities, and working diligently to be great neighbors in our communities, reflects our philosophy as a global company.”

Prologis tracks and reports progress for three sustainability categories—environmental, social and governance (ESG)—through its Corporate Responsibility report, as well as through a number of other reporting frameworks. The 2014 report will be published this May. Along with detailed data on how the company works to secure its presence and success in the sustainability sphere, the report will feature stories about how the company gives back to its communities in other ways—for example, IMPACT Day, the company’s global day of volunteering.

The bulk of the report, however, will focus on the company’s ESG initiatives.

“Quantifying our sustainability initiatives helps us tell our story from a value perspective,” Renné-Malone explains. “We’re transparent with our numbers and are focused on improving our performance. And, we’re always looking to see what we can do next—how we can reach a little further to maintain our leadership position in the industry.”

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