SmartWatt with Prologis, will manage design, development and implementation of your LightSmart project. As an expert in developing energy programs—including energy design and construction, energy financing, technology specification and energy measurement and reporting—SmartWatt is committed to exceeding your expectations throughout the implementation of your LED upgrade.

To date in the U.S., SmartWatt has completed 24,000 energy optimization projects for more than 17,000 clients, such as FedEx, Pepsi, Kraft, Nestle, Bridgestone and Amazon. SmartWatt has offices located across the U.S., and is headquartered in Albany, NY.

Light Smart


Prologis is partnering with Redaptive, a leader in Efficiency-as-a-Service, to provide smart meters and ongoing program support.

During the upgrade, Redaptive will facilitate the installation of the metering system to monitor your consumption for accurate savings tracking. Additionally, upon completion of the upgrade, Redaptive will manage your online energy dashboard, giving you access to your energy usage and associated savings in real time.

Redaptive currently manages a national portfolio of efficiency projects across the U.S. for commercial and industrial customers, including Aramark and McKesson, and many other Fortune 500 companies. Redaptive is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.