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Prologis Park Chorzow DC3A

Total Available
21527.8 - 75185.842 SF 2000 - 6985 SQM 605 - 2112.963 tsu
Total Building Size
135625.14 SF 12600 SQM 3811.5 tsu
ul. Niedźwiedziniec 10
41-506 Chorzów
Property Contacts
Katarzyna Nobis
Leasing Manager

Property Details

Updated: January 18, 2022
One of the park’s greatest benefits is its proximity to major transportation routes. It is located on the western border of the Katowice municipal area, with access to the A4 highway (Germany-Ukraine) adjacent to the site. The junction of the two largest Polish transportation corridors of international importance (the A4 east-west and the A1 north-south motorways - Gliwice-Sośnica Junction) is in Gliwice, about 15 kilometers to the west of the site.
Clear height 10 m
Office space available - 600 sqm
Floor loading capacity 5T/sqm
Technical support on site
Smart metering system
Representative office space
Min Space Available
68727.502 SF 6385 SQM 1931.463 tsu
Max Space Available
68738.265 SF 6386 SQM 1931.765 tsu
Total Available
68727.502 - 68738.265 SF 6385 - 6386 SQM 1931.463 - 1931.765 tsu
Office Size
# Grade Level Doors 1
Warehouse Lighting Type T5/T8 Fluorescent
Clear Height 32.81 Feet 10 Meters 10 Meters
Fire Suppression System ESFR
Number of Dock High Doors 6

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Prologis Park Chorzow DC4A
ul. Niedźwiedziniec 10
41-506 Chorzów
Total Available
21527.8 - 89340.37 SF 2000 - 8300 SQM 605 - 2510.75 tsu
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Park Grande, Building


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