This is a photo of Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is the historic political, cultural and financial capital of Hungary. With a metropolitan area population of about 1.7 million, which comprises 20 percent of the country’s population, Budapest is Hungary’s most densely populated area.

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Prologis in Hungary

Prologis is the leading provider of industrial warehouse and distribution space in Hungary, owning and operating 40 facilities in seven parks located in the greater Budapest area. The company holds 252 acres (102 hectares) of land for development in Hungary.

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Properties in Hungary

The image shown is industrial property, Budapest-Gyal DC1, located in Budapest, Hungary.
Budapest-Gyal DC1

Budapest-Gyal DC1

Gyal, Hungary

Flexible 223,800 SF (20,470 SQM) warehouse in modern industrial park 18 kilometers southeast of the City Centre and 17 kilometers west of Budapest...