Strasbourg, which sits on the Rhine River at the France-Germany border, is the capital of France’s Alsace region. It has a population of about 470,000.

Strasbourg is one of the capitals of the European Union and home to the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights.

Strasbourg enjoys a wealth of passenger and cargo transport connections to France, Germany and the world at large. The Port de Strasbourg, on the Rhine River, is Europe’s second-largest river port. The A35 motorway and the A4 highway connect Strasbourg to Paris. High-speed rail allows travelers to reach Paris and Lyon in about three hours.

The region’s economy is driven by services, including finance, research and healthcare. Strasbourg sits in the middle of a densely populated and wealthy area of Europe with some 35 million people within a 200- kilometer radius. Consumer demand and industrial activity drive the need for logistics and distribution facilities.

Prologis has available warehouses in Strasbourg and operates industrial properties throughout the Strasbourg area.


This is a map of Strasbourg, France

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