Rennes is the capital of France’s Brittany province. Rennes has a population of about 207,000 and its broader metropolitan area is home to about 700,000, making it France’s tenth-largest urban area. With two main universities, Rennes has a student population of about 60,000.

Rennes’ economy is driven by industries including auto manufacturing, agriculture, telecommunications and technology. PSA Peugeot Citroen has a large auto plant in Rennes, making it one of the region’s largest private employers. A network of logistics companies and warehouses services the region’s manufacturers, connecting them to ports on the Atlantic coast and Paris.

Rennes has emerged as a center of high-tech and digital innovation, with the second-highest concentration of information, technology and communications firms behind Paris. Significant employers include Orange, France Telecom, Alacatel-Lucent and Texas Instruments. The city’s Technopole, Rennes Atalante, is a hub for start-ups and established companies.

Several distribution centers and warehouses are located in and around Rennes, many of them with access to the N136 highway that rings the city.

Prologis operates industrial properties and warehouses in the Rennes region.


This is a map of Rennes, France

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