Liège, a historic university town in Belgium, occupies a central role in the 21st century European economy. The city has a population of 200,000 with 600,000 in the broader metropolitan region. With a highly educated population, Liège is home to significant biotechnology and information technology industries.

Located on the Meuse River, Liège is the third most active river port in Europe. The Trilogiport—a multi-modal platform, integrating road, rail and waterways that opened in 2015—solidifies the region’s position as an important logistics and distribution hub. A network of highways, freight rail and high-speed trains coursing through the region ensure efficient circulation of goods and people.

Liege’s airport is the 28th-largest cargo airport in the world and the seventh largest in Europe. It is within a one-hour drive of large population centers, such as Cologne, Germany and Brussels. Multi-modal movement of goods through the region is enabled by a network of warehouses and industrial property.

Prologis operates industrial properties and warehouses in the Liege region.


This is a map of Liege, Belgium

Featured Properties

The image shown is warehouse space, Liege DC1, Unit C, located in Liege, Belgium.

Liege DC1 – Unit C

Herstal, Belgium

This Skechers build-to-suit warehouse in Liege is ideally located on a main European transportation route, with easy access to rail and barge.

The image shown is logistics facility, Bergheim DC1, located in Bergheim,Germany.

Bergheim DC1

Bergheim, Germany

A 441,300 SF (41,000 SQM) logistics facility and administrative center with LED lighting and an efficient heating system serving as the European...

The image shown is industrial warehouse, Cologne DC5, located in Cologne, Germany.

Cologne DC5

Köln, Germany

A build-to-suit for Objectflor, this 199,100 SF (18,500 SQM) sustainable industrial warehouse in one of the largest associated logistics sites in...

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