Social Responsibility

Prologis has always held a commitment to social responsibility. We seek to thrive together with the communities in which we operate. Through our focused efforts to enhance the lives of our neighbors, we continue to demonstrate our leadership as the partner of choice.


Supporting Our Stakeholders During the Pandemic

Prologis has closely monitored COVID-19 since late 2019*, making the safety and well-being of our employees and their families our top priority. We have been fortunate to be in a position to provide resources and support to our communities and customers, while also being transparent and available to our investors.


COVID Food Bank

Food bank operating in Space for Good program warehouse in Texas.


Support benefits
to ensure employees have ample access to IT support and other benefits such as Teledoc, digital fitness classes and mental health resources.

Weekly video messages
by executive committee leaders to individual departments and the company-wide audience, as well as the establishment of a portal on the intranet with resources for employees around the world regarding the pandemic.

COVID-19 task force
meets regularly to oversee the implementation of the risk management business continuity plan.

0% interest loans
to non-management employees whose household incomes were impacted by the pandemic.

Care packages
that included non-medical masks, hand sanitizer and other home necessities. 


$5 million
global relief fund launched by the Prologis Foundation, providing financial support to nonprofits and community-based organizations on the frontlines of the response.

~1.2 million sq.ft.
$4.9 million in 13 markets

of in-kind rent donated to municipal governments, hospitals and relief organizations through our Space for Good program.

8.5 million meals
funded by Prologis’ donations to Feeding America and the European Food Bank Federation for people in need across the U.S. and Europe.

50,000 medical masks + 5,000 sets 
of protective clothing donated to Chinese hospitals during early stages of the response.



24/7 support
provided by our Prologis maintenance technicians, supporting business continuity for our customers throughout the pandemic.

PPP toolkit
made available within days of legislation to help customers understand the resources available to them by the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Rent deferral
offered to customers who demonstrated legitimate need and showed they were significantly impacted by the pandemic.

Pandemic necessities
and services available to customers through the online Essentials Marketplace.


Frequent outreach with public/private investors
to share information on our financial resilience, as well as near- and long-term plans for responding to the pandemic.

6 reports
published by the Prologis Research Team to provide insights on the pandemic’s impact to logistics real estate industry for investors, customers and public.

Business update call
hosted for public investors on April 6, 2020, as well as interim updates to private investors to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and upfront communication.


*COVID-19 contributions have been made since the end of 2019 through present day in 2020.

Engagement Through Customer Sustainability Advisory Council and Customer Advisory Board

As part of our commitment to customer centricity, we engage in partnerships with customers to align our ESG strategy and enable our customers to achieve their own goals. We do this through both our Customer Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC) and our Customer Advisory Board (CAB). We engage in these forums to better understand our customers and how we can use our ESG program to better serve them, identify shared ESG goals, target specific projects or initiatives, and promote cross pollination of ideas and information sharing.

CSAC promotes open communication lines with key customers to help us use our programs, such as Prologis Essentials LED and our Community Workforce Initiative (CWI), to best provide them with solutions they need. Through CSAC’s quarterly meetings, the group has identified innovative technologies and ways to enhance building resilience, promote greater data gathering and address climate-related initiatives, such as science-based targets (SBTs). Additionally, through CSAC engagement efforts, new business opportunities have been identified for pairing Prologis solutions with the ESG needs of our customers. 

Prologis Labor Solutions

Prologis’ customer-centric labor solutions include industry-specific virtual and remote training to secure a steady and qualified labor force. These solutions range from investments in workforce technology applications, to building designs that promote health and well-being. Addressing our customer pain points associated with the need for a qualified workforce can further the customer experience and also deepen our community relationships. Together these foster solutions to drive complex development projects
to completion while also strengthening our presence in critical locations.

Technology Investments in Labor Solutions


CAB 2019

Prologis Customer Advisory Board meeting, Brooklyn, New York, 2019.

  • Immersive learning platform for training and upskilling American frontline workers.
  • Delivering faster, more scalable, and more engaging training programs that leverage VR and unique data analytics to elevate workforce performance.
Workstep Logo
  • Talent sourcing and retention platform for warehousing, trucking and/or production operations in the U.S.
  • Delivers faster and more cost-effective ways to hire and retain high-quality labor.
Timee Logo
  • On-demand staffing platform that connects Japanese businesses with workers.
  • Reduces the time and cost to source temporary labor.

Community Workforce Initiative (CWI)

We set an ambitious goal to train 25,000 individuals by 2025. To achieve this, we are partnering with leading nonprofits to develop innovative training solutions. Leveraging learning technologies, like virtual reality and mobile based learning, helps create scalable solutions with improved learning outcomes.

CWI is a benefit to customers and our communities. As long-term owners of properties, we are long-term members of these communities. We have a vested business interest in being a good citizen and helping these communities thrive. Through CWI, we leverage our unique position as a leader in the logistics industry to connect our customers with our communities. Our CWI program in Tracy, California, exemplifies this concept. As the logistics industry in the region grows, we have partnered with the Delta Sierra Adult Education Alliance to build logistics training programs and enhance career pathways. Through a collaborative effort—consisting of school districts, community colleges, economic development agencies and workforce development boards—we are all working together to solve a critical need, and we are helping to bridge the connection between the public and private sector.

In 2020:

  • We are scaling CWI programs in the U.S. and expanding to the UK and other global markets.
  • We have partnered with JFF, a leading workforce development nonprofit, to create a 21st century approach to logistics education and training that builds basic workforce skills and provides targeted logistics training, such as OSHA safety and forklift training. In partnership with JFF, we launched an online training platform that deploys the latest technologies, including virtual reality enhanced sessions. This online curriculum, with Prologis-branded industry certification, will further
    expand CWI’s global reach.

25,000 individuals trained by 2025

In 2019
7 markets with CWI partnerships


Strivr Virtual Reality System.


National Partnership
with JFF to create and launch a state-of-the-art online learning program for the logistics industry

17,480 Hours
of summer work experience for 153 interns in our Southern California CWI program with EXP

920 participants
trained across all of our CWI programs


Health and Well-Being Built into Building and Park Design

Prologis worked with the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) to set the standard for WELL building certifications with an eye toward measuring how our buildings can accommodate the health and well-being of the people working within our walls. Our WELL-Gold certified facility in Tilburg, the Netherlands, is the first logistics project in the world to receive this certification. Health and wellness features include walking trails, fitness amenities, common dining areas and indoor greenery to enhance air quality while at the same time promoting connections with nature. These features make our buildings more operationally efficient, as well as more enjoyable for our customers’ workforces, which is important to attract and retain talent.


Prologis Tilburg DC5—BREEAM Very Good Certification and WELL-Gold Building Certification

  • Technology allows people to interact with the building via a “smart wall.”
  • Sensors monitor air quality and indoor climate.
  • Low-emitting and ecological friendly materials were carefully selected.
  • A plant wall and greenery along the balustrade of the mezzanine have a positive effect on the mood of the interior, and improve air quality.
  • Lighting with intelligent sensors and biodynamic controls helps to vitalize people and support well-being.
  • The exterior grounds were carefully sculpted to include green areas, seating areas and footpaths.
  • Sports and recreation facilities foster a healthy environment.


Prologis Park Tilburg, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Prologis Park Tilburg, Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Tilburg Features

The Smart Wall in the Tilburg facility gives a profile of the buildings sustainability features, as well as real-time information on energy performance and indoor air quality, which is enhanced through ventilation and indoor landscaping.

Building Design with Well-Being in Mind

  • We are focused on creating logistics parks where businesses, employees and local communities flourish.

  • Services can include nature trails and recreational sports areas, green commuting services, as well as on-site security and support from Prologis’ world-class property management teams.
Chiba Canteen

Canteen for customer employees at Prologis Chiba 1, Chiba, Japan.

Parklife Trails

Walking trails and fitness areas promote employee and community well-being in the UK.


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Global Volunteerism and Giving

The Prologis response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a testament of our commitment to support our communities. Through our $5 million global relief fund, we have made donations to local and national nonprofits and other organizations responding to this crisis and those that are most affected. Community engagement and volunteerism are key elements of Prologis’ culture and our Social Responsibility program, which strengthens our connection with our stakeholders. It is important to our customers and investors that we reflect their values and, in turn, the values of their constituencies. Creating a workplace where employees are proud to volunteer is tightly bound in our strategy to be good partners in the communities in which we and our customers operate.



Time and again, new employees report that Prologis’ focus on community engagement is one of the most compelling reasons behind their choice to join Prologis. An employee favorite is our annual day of global service, IMPACT Day. On May 18, 2019, Prologis employees around the world engaged in the seventh annual IMPACT Day. More than 1,400 employees in all 77 offices and 19 countries contributed to their communities, making a difference in the lives of others. Through IMPACT Day, Prologis teamed up with 50 different organizations, donating 9,323 hours, across 70 global projects in support of human welfare, environmental and educational causes, including our global partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

increase in hours benefiting the community between 2018 and 2019*

hours benefiting the community in 2019*

*Includes volunteer hours, such as IMPACT Day, and time invested by our teams in community programs, such as CWI.


IMPACT Day 2019

Prologis IMPACT Day 2019, Mexico City, Mexico.

Charitable Giving

Over the past five years, Prologis and the Prologis Foundation donated nearly $12 million to nonprofit organizations focused on education, the environment and human welfare. Furthermore, the company and the Foundation sponsored nearly 54,000 volunteer hours for our employees over the past five years. In 2019 alone, Prologis contributed close to $3.1 million to the communities we serve through various nonprofit organizations. This includes $760,000 invested through our CWI efforts.

The Prologis Foundation also has a matching gift program to double employee contributions to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, schools and universities, and the Dollars for Doers program that pairs employee donations of time with funds from the Prologis Foundation. In 2019, Prologis employees volunteered almost 12,000 hours in their local communities.

Space for Good

Prologis’ Space for Good program provides temporary rent-free space in our distribution facilities to offer disaster relief during catastrophic events such as the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, as well as help charitable organizations address seasonal and short-term needs—to the extent we have vacancies in a relevant market. Space for Good demonstrates Prologis’ commitment to corporate citizenship and willingness to form meaningful public and private partnerships in service to our communities. Over the past five years, Prologis donated more than $5.2 million in in-kind rent through this program, with over $1.1 million donated in 2019 to 15 nonprofit organizations.

Employees, the Builders of our Business

Prologis has valuable properties around the world, but our most valuable assets go home every night. They are our team of 1,713 employees, and they are the foundation of our success. Every employee at every level in every location plays a vital role in ensuring enduring value for our company. We set goals and objectives for sustainability at the corporate level, but it is the actions of each employee that bring these goals to life.

We demonstrate our commitment to our employees by being a responsible and supportive employer. As an equal-opportunity employer, we uphold consistent and fair policies that respect cultural differences, recognize performance based on merit and reward team members for their contributions.

Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) – A Driver of Competitive Advantage 

At Prologis, bonus metrics include achievement of the company’s Five Drivers of Competitive Advantage: Inclusion & Diversity (I&D), Customer Experience, Advanced Analytics, Essentials and Continuous Improvement. The Five Drivers, which were converted to the 3Cs in 2019, convey to our employees, customers and investors the value Prologis brings to our real estate operations through our scale, global reach, customer relationships, brand, business processes and talented team. To drive I&D throughout the organization, in 2019 we continued to integrate it as the centerpiece of our Five Drivers bonus metric for all employees. The Prologis compensation committee also continues its focus on ensuring equitable pay practices and reviews succession with an emphasis on I&D, while also overseeing other initiatives.

Culture & Talent (one of our 3Cs) at Prologis is built on a commitment to leverage I&D to inspire innovation—and it is a tremendous competitive advantage. We continue to make progress on I&D, but we know that our work is not done. Our 2019 I&D survey revealed an opportunity for us to focus even more on hiring diverse candidates, supporting employee development and clarifying criteria for recognition and promotion.

In 2019, we deployed the following action-oriented I&D strategies:

  • Talent Acquisition – Added more objectivity and structure to the interview and hiring process, as well as ensured I&D alignment with staffing agencies to attract diverse candidates.
  • Leadership Development – Created coaching strategies to improve leadership development and enhance organizational communication.
  • Learning & Development – Started pilots of training courses (e.g., Unconscious Bias training, Crucial Conversations, DiSC) to provide strategies to engage in more inclusive discourse.
  • Talent Management – Created a job-leveling framework to create greater transparency for our employees on job growth.
  • Reward & Recognition – Developed the ‘Traits of the Prologis Team’ to emphasize employee abilities and how they are rewarded and recognized.

In 2019, we also conducted an extensive review of our staffing agency partnerships, the goal of which was to work with only partners that can articulate an I&D strategy of their own, and in turn enhance our abilities and outreach.

Denver Team Members

Prologis team members, Denver, Colorado.


The Benefits of Working at Prologis

We need talent to take our program to a level unprecedented among real estate companies; therefore, it is paramount that we have good relationships with our employees. Prologis provides a full range of benefits.


All global full-time employees receive the following benefits:

  • Paid time off
  • Maternity and parental leave
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Employee educational assistance and continuing education
  • Company sponsored volunteer time

Most global full-time employees receive the following benefits:

  • Medical, dental, vision insurance
  • Local benefits, including meal, gym, and public transportation support

U.S.-based, full-time employees receive the following benefits*:

  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Health savings account
  • Adoption assistance
  • Telemedicine
  • 401(k) retirement plan with employer matching
  • Employee assistance program
  • Health coaching
  • Back-up child care assistance


*The above benefits are available for all U.S.-based, full-time employees. U.S.- based part-time employees receive PTO on a prorated basis, are eligible for 401k and are eligible for the Employee Assistance Program. The United States is considered the most “significant location of operations” since over 50% of all international employees are based there.
*$419.7M+ paid out in salaries, bonuses, and contributions world-wide in 2019 (US Dollars).
*$3.3M+ contributed to pensions plans in the United Kingdom and European Union in 2019 (US Dollars).
*Effective in 2018, Prologis provides up to 10 weeks of 100 percent paid parental leave following the birth of a child, and adoption reimbursement up to $10,000.

Investing in People Through Training

Prologis’ Learning and Development team has built an extensive curriculum focused on five areas: 

  • Career enrichment: Helping all employees build basic business competencies critical to success, such as presentation skills, effective communication and time management.
  • Leadership development: Preparing future leaders, expanding overall leadership capacity and cultivating leadership skills in high-potential employees.
  • Real estate training: Giving all employees the opportunity to better understand our industry and ensuring ongoing enrichment for those involved in real estate operations.
  • Systems and technical: Facilitating understanding of core systems.
  • HR and talent management: Focusing on topics that include performance management, compliance with local laws and onboarding.

Training is delivered through a combination of classes at Prologis offices, virtual classes and a library of more than 600 self-paced online classes available anytime and anywhere.

The Importance of Health and Wellness

Prologis believes that promoting health and well-being encourages higher productivity at work and helps people maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle overall. That’s why we incorporate wellness into the design and operations of where we work, which can include ergonomic desks and computer equipment, workout rooms, acoustical and indoor air quality comfort controls, use of green cleaning supplies and offerings of healthy snacks. Prologis sponsors and participates in charitable events, such as the Courage Classic bicycle tour in the U.S., the Prologis Race in Mexico, the Stelvio for Life event in the Netherlands, as well as holding company-wide health challenges, such as our annual Healthy Steps Challenge.

In 2019, Prologis offered a new health promotion service provider to support employees with personalized health and wellness educational programs and an online community for motivation. This program is offered at no additional cost as part of the Prologis medical benefit plan. The program includes access to Transformation Coaches that work with individual employees to help them develop simple, customized plans that fit their needs, preferences and goals. Prologis also contributes to employee financial wellness by offering one-on-one financial coaching to all employees at no cost. Investing in the wellness of our employees is simply investing in the health and longevity of our greatest asset.


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