Sustainable Design Features

Our logistics real estate facilities integrate geographically-relevant sustainable design features, including:

Features Benefits
Cool roofs Reduce energy demand and the urban heat island effect
Energy-efficient lighting Reduce energy consumption and operating costs
Hybrid and carpool parking and bicycle storage Promotes low-carbon transportation solutions
Low-emitting sealants, adhesives and carpet systems Reduce reliance on non-renewable resources, contribute to better air quality and ensure a healthier work environment
Onsite recycling Reduce waste sent to landfills and incinerators
Recycled and locally-sourced construction materials Decrease carbon foot print and support local economies
Skylights and clerestory windows Maximize use of natural sunlight
Solar and other renewables Generate sustainable energy
Water conservation Reduces natural resource usage
Infographic Sustainable Prologis Warehouses

Sustainable Design Features of Prologis Buildings

At Prologis, we know that our buildings will make an impact on the communities in which they are located and on the people who work inside of them. Our buildings become part of the local landscape and remain there for many years.

Certified Sustainable Facilities

Prologis leads the industrial real estate industry in certified sustainable logistics facilities.

LED Standard: A Competitive Advantage Infographic

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lighting accounts for up to two-thirds of electricity use in a logistics real estate facility. LED is the Prologis standard for efficient lighting in all new logistics real estate development projects and lighting retrofits across the Americas, UK and Japan.