Companies often want to reduce costs by consolidating operations into a larger building when leasing a new logistics facility. But others, including Solaris Paper, aim to get better—not just bigger. These businesses have special requirements to help improve operational processes that only a build-to-suit (BTS) facility can satisfy.

Solaris, a towel and tissue manufacturer, needed a facility designed to meet its storage requirements for rolled paper goods, as well as processing and packaging operations. Prologis built a 779,000 square foot BTS at Prologis Park Moreno Valley Eucalyptus in Moreno Valley, California, to meet the company’s requirements.

Solaris is consolidating and expanding from two facilities in Los Angeles County in order to improve processes and cut costs by not handling the raw material and finished products at multiple locations. The cross dock, 36-foot clear height building includes a crane for moving raw materials into the facility’s manufacturing area. The design also allows for expansion of Solaris’ assembly and cutting operation to increase throughput.

The site provides an appealing location close to several large Solaris customers, major cargo ports and transportation routes, as well as a wonderful quality of life for employees. Prologis offered a compelling facility design and a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget to help secure the project.

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