Furniture retailer Dwell has moved into its new 151,000 square foot build-to-suit at Prologis Park Marston Gate. The building, designed as the company’s national distribution center, had to be complete by early February to coincide with the Chinese New Year. Chinese businesses close for two weeks over the holiday and, since most of their stock is made in China, Dwell had 150 containers of furniture shipping before the celebrations began to ensure no disruptions to stock availability.

Dwell had considered leasing an existing building to meet the tight deadline, but would have had to compromise on building specifications and incur double overheads. Since we had already prepared the Prologis Park site for development, we could assure an on-time delivery.

Indeed, Dwell’s building was ready for action when the trucks started rolling in.

“To avoid any disruption to our business, the move to Prologis Park Marston Gate had to be seamless,” said Aamir Ahmad, CEO, Dwell. “The building had to open on time, in perfect working order, and that is exactly what happened."

Ahmad added: “The process was smooth from start to finish, and the communication between Prologis and my team worked very well. We need a distribution center like this to make sure we can deliver the service our customers expect. For Dwell, this new building is a game-changer.”