I love a good employee survey. Employee surveys give HR professionals like me the insights and data we need to discover what’s important to our teams. And, more importantly, they help leaders understand what we need to focus on to strengthen employee engagement and loyalty.

As a relatively new leader at Prologis (with two decades of experience helping companies engage their workforce), I’ll admit to being quite impressed by our 2022 employee engagement survey results:

  • 95% of employees say they feel a sense of pride to work for an industry leader like Prologis.
  • 92% are willing to go above and beyond what is expected of them at work.
  • Prologis’ overall engagement score is 87%, eight percentage points greater than the global benchmark. 

What’s even more remarkable is how our leadership team welcomed and responded to all the feedback – the good and the not so good. (I know that our CEO personally read all 6,585 comments!) After reviewing the survey results, all our leaders came up with concrete action plans and included them in their business goals for the coming year. They then shared feedback themes with their teams for transparency and discussion.

The numbers tell a story

So how did we do? From the survey, we learned there’s a lot we’re doing right. Our employees gave us high marks in these three areas:

  1. Pride and confidence in company (95%)
  2. Willingness to go beyond what’s expected (92%)
  3. Flexible schedule that allows for greater productivity (88%)

We also have areas where we can do better. Here are the areas where we scored the lowest:

  1. How we share knowledge across business lines (68%)
  2. Manageable workload (67%)
  3. Feeling rewarded according to their performance (64%)

Interestingly, the areas of improvement connect back to the areas of strength. After a deeper dive, we have learned that the increased productivity due to new flexible workplace policies and a proud industry leading company culture may come at an unseen cost because these factors can contribute to burnout and adversely impact our employees.

Keeping a pulse on progress

Data doesn’t lie. Data is objective and helps paint a clear picture. Prologis uses the engagement survey data to help keep senior leaders intimately attuned to the organization’s pulse. Like many companies, we make sure our employees know that we heard their feedback and are taking concrete actions. We shared these results in our Q1 Town Hall and explained and that our goal this year is to improve our three lowest scoring questions by three percentage points this year.

I’m grateful to each of our employees who take time to offer their feedback. Because every voice counts.

headshot of Sylva Juliano

Sylva Juliano

Head of Global Talent Management & Organization Development

Sylva Juliano is the Head of Global Organization and Talent Development (OTD), responsible for talent development, performance management, succession planning and employee engagement for all Prologis employees.

Sylva comes with a rich and extensive experience as an OTD strategic leader, spanning different continents and industries. Prior to Prologis, Sylva was Vice President Organizational Learning and Talent for Coca-Cola Europacific Partners headquartered in London and based in the Netherlands. Before that, Sylva held the position of Vice President, Commercial and Leadership Development at Royal Dutch Shell in The Netherlands and spent over 13 years honing her career at General Electric in the US.

Sylva is based in the Atlanta office but travels regularly to connect with business leaders around the globe.

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