For more than 50 years, the world has been commemorating Earth Day. At Prologis, we like to think we celebrate Earth Day every day.

Take our solar program, for example. We are the third-largest provider of onsite solar in the U.S. With continued focus and investment, we’re excited to have surpassed 300 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity this year – the equivalent of producing the power for 53,370 homes per year, which puts us on a path to exceed our goal of installing 400 MW of onsite generating capacity by 2025.

We are proud of the leadership we’ve provided in our industry. We’ve committed to achieving 100 percent carbon-neutral construction globally by 2025 and partner with our customers to decarbonize their operations. We are also active in issuing green bonds to fund investments in sustainable buildings and renewable energy projects across the globe.

One of our flagship properties, Moissy 2 DC1 in the outskirts of Paris, France, is a prototype of what future warehouses should be. This 100% carbon-neutral building incorporates innovative technologies in both construction and operations. You can learn more about this exciting property here.

Yet, we recognize there is more we can do. In 2018, we became the first logistics REIT to have an approved Science-Based Target. We have been carbon neutral for scope 1 (direct emissions) and scope 2 (emissions from purchased energy) since 2019.

Scope 3 emissions (emissions not directly associated with our operations) represent 99.9% of our total emissions – and our best opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings and our customers’ operations. We have set a goal to reduce these emissions by 15% by 2025 from our 2016 baseline. And we have set additional energy and emissions goals to help our customers achieve their goals.

When we build sustainably, operate efficiently and use our rooftops intelligently, we reduce our impact. Together with our customers, we are doing our part to observe Earth Day every day.

Susan Uthayakumar

Susan Uthayakumar

MD, Chief Energy & Sustainability Officer

Susan Uthayakumar serves as Chief Energy and Sustainability Officer. Uthayakumar leads the company's customer-focused sustainability and energy solutions business. Uthayakumar and her team will evaluate and scale both existing and emerging energy solutions across the Prologis platform. She also partners with the company's environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance (ESG) team on strategy, progress, stakeholder engagement, and related initiatives.

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