Greg Azar Jr. Mentors the Next Generation of Property Management Professionals

Greg Azar, Jr.

Azar Jr.
Vice President, Essentials

Denver, United States

Prologis has been affiliated with Virginia Tech’s well-known property management program since 2001. Greg Azar, vice president of Essentials and Prologis’ first hire from the program, is a passionate advocate for Virginia Tech, actively helping the institute’s property management graduates find opportunities with Prologis across the globe. Each year, Greg heads back to his alma mater to serve as a guest lecturer and participate in the school’s annual Property Management Career Fair.

His annual lectures cover a range of topics, from industrial property management and challenges unique to the industry to possible career paths for an industrial property manager. Greg scours the Prologis globe for stories to share about the challenges and opportunities property managers face in various parts of the world. His interactions with students each semester increase interest in the industry and familiarity with Prologis.

Greg speaks to his own career path, which is an inspiring example of the mobility and variety of work available to professionals in industrial real estate. He has worked in six Prologis markets, serving in a range of property management and leasing roles across the globe.

Greg mentors students during their time at Virginia Tech and after they graduate and begin their property management careers. Prologis doesn’t have enough positions for all of Virginia Tech’s qualified graduates, so Greg helps students secure jobs elsewhere. Keeping in touch with graduates positions Prologis to source talent for future needs while increasing the strength and breadth of the industry’s overall professional network.  

Greg Azar Jr

Lisa Goette and Jen Cooper prepare to greet students at Virginia Tech's annual Property Management Career Fair.


The pipeline of Virginia Tech talent has built Prologis’ bench strength across the organization. Jen Cooper is Atlanta’s director of property management. Alicia Pillows is a leasing manager in Houston. Vince Lawton, a recent graduate with a degree in real estate finance and property management whom Greg first met as a freshman, is an intern on Prologis’ Investment Services team.

Greg attributes Prologis’ successful relationship with Virginia Tech to the strong alignment between the school’s culture and Prologis’. The school’s motto, “Ut Prosim,” means “That I may serve,” and each year, Virginia Tech hosts “The Big Event,” a day for students and alumni to volunteer in their communities. Prologis demonstrates comparable commitment to its communities with an annual global day of service, IMPACT Day, where employees volunteer to serve in the neighborhoods where they work and live.

Finally, Greg credits the Virginia Tech relationship with providing Prologis access to the school’s research to help identify emerging trends and innovations to create more sustainable buildings and better serve our customers.

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