Harnessing the Power of Strong Relationships to Achieve Tangible Goals and Results

Angeli Stirbei

Vice President, Client Relations, Strategic Capital

New York City, United States

Based in vibrant New York City, Angeli Stirbei is a vice president in the Client Relations division of our Strategic Capital business. Angeli, who has been with Prologis for almost a decade, embodies the company’s mindset of embracing lifelong learning, using challenges as platforms for growth, and forging strong relationships with clients and customers. Here’s what she told us about her colorful career at PLD.

PLD Comms: Tell us about your background—we know it’s extensive but we’d love to hear the details!

Angeli: On the education side, I have a dual bachelor’s degree from Boston University in economics and international relations, with a minor in business administration, as well as a master’s degree from Northwestern University.

Client service has always been at the core of my career. Working with people energizes me, along with problem-solving and achieving tangible goals and results. I learned early where my strengths converged with my joy, so I’ve sought opportunities where I can solve for challenges and drive results while building connections with people. 

I started my career in business development at an advertising agency where I pitched our expertise to global brands. I then moved to a capital raising team at Russell Investments, then to Prologis as it was starting to build out its capital raising function. Previously, I led Prologis’ global marketing communications function for its Strategic Capital business. I was always intrigued by marketing and am grateful to Prologis for providing the opportunity for exploration. However, in 2019, I shifted back to what I really love—client service. I work within our Global Capital Raising team under Martina Malone and focus on clients across the United States.

PLD Comms: What makes Prologis continuously compelling to you nearly a decade into your tenure here?

Angeli: In 2010, I was attracted to the entrepreneurial and agile spirit—which remains the case today. I love working with smart, ambitious co-workers who consistently come together to achieve exceptional results. The evolution of the company over the years has been astounding and I find our new focus on change and innovation exciting!

PLD Comms: Tell us more about Strategic Capital. What is at the core of this branch of Prologis?

Angeli: Prologis’ Strategic Capital business is an important part of the company, as this team works to raise and invest capital to produce superior returns for our private investors. Let’s break this down. If we take a step back, Prologis is a REIT first and foremost—a publicly traded company that anyone can invest in. If the business needs an infusion of capital, it can issue stock or raise debt because of its public status. The other way to raise capital is from institutional investors in the private markets—for example, public pension plans, corporate pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, foundations and endowments. These investors have a choice to invest in stocks, bonds or, in our case, real estate. The Global Capital Raising team travels globally to stay in front of these large and sophisticated private equity investors to build long-term relationships so that Prologis can maintain a pipeline of capital. Once the capital is raised, Strategic Capital team members work with multiple Prologis departments to invest that capital. Then, the assets are managed by our operations teams for the long term to maximize their value and produce returns.

PLD Comms: What are your passions outside of work?

Angeli: I’m sure many people feel this way, but becoming a parent was an absolute dream come true for me, so for now, my two little girls, who are 5 and 3. In my limited free time, I also love to hike and of course run in Central Park.