Prologis takes a holistic approach to managing risk throughout our company. This approach is not limited to familiar or quantifiable risk; it includes understanding and managing risk and risk-reward relationships for corporate strategic objectives, establishing appropriate mitigation and management practices, and empowering leaders to identify functional risks.

Our approach builds upon traditional risk management functions such as the Legal, Investment Services and Insurance/Risk Management departments. However, the concept of risk avoidance is woven into every function at Prologis, from the Treasury and Finance departments to the Leasing and Capital Deployment departments to the Corporate Communications, Corporate Responsibility and Human Resource departments.

As a global enterprise, Prologis is focused on compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), which forbids bribery of foreign officials and the concealment of such bribery in a company's accounting records.

To ensure FCPA compliance, Prologis developed an FCPA policy, training program, and sample FCPA contract language to be included in contracts with non-U.S. entities. All employees have access to Prologis' FCPA policy via our intranet and within the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. They are required to alert Prologis' Legal Department if they are aware of any possible violations.

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