Commitment to our partners

Led by a seasoned executive team with a long history of managing funds and co-investment ventures, Prologis is committed to providing superior transparency, creating strong alignment with our co-investment partners and taking a proactive approach to risk management.

Communication and transparency

  • Superior investor communications with best-in-class reporting, research, insights and access to in-house experts
  • Proven track record of public financial reporting
  • Open dialogue with active advisory councils, investor advisory committees and annual meetings

Alignment of interests

  • Co-investment of 15-66% of our capital alongside our partners—the single best way to align interests
  • Incentive-based compensation with profits earned after achieving return thresholds within a venture

One-portfolio policy

  • All assets managed on an ownership-blind basis; customers drive decisions
  • Scaled operating platform offers customers a variety of choices when filling and growing their space needs, with a predictable standard of service spanning markets and countries
  • All properties and investors benefit when customers’ needs are met

Allocation policy

  • Funds and ventures generally take priority over balance sheet for new investment
  • Consistent rotation policy

Risk mitigation

  • Actively evaluate business, financial and market risks to manage appropriately
  • Local teams at the property level committed to developing customer relationships, leasing space, and identifying and resolving issues
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Total Assets Under Management

$38.9 billion 

Funds and Ventures

11 vehicles across a broad risk/return spectrum*


Americas, Europe, Asia 





As of 31 December 2016
* On 4 January, 2017, Prologis consolidated Europe Logistics Venture 1 ("ELV1") with its Prologis Targeted Europe Logistics Fund ("PTELF"), a pan-european core open-end fund. 

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