Industry-leading investment management expertise

Prologis’ exclusive focus on industrial real estate provides a strategic platform for co-investment opportunities. While our balance sheet capital is invested across the entire business, our Investment Management business, with over $26 billion* in combined assets under management, allows investors to make investments with specific geographic and risk profiles. We manage 15 public and private co-investment ventures spanning four continents.

Building on over 30 years of experience in fund and venture management, Prologis is committed to strong alignment of interests, effective corporate governance, reporting transparency, and excellent client service.

Features that distinguish Prologis as a co-investment partner:

  • Co-investment of 15-50% of our capital alongside our partners
  • Industrial-only operator with local real estate experts in the field
  • Confidence of global customers gained from cycle-tested performance
  • Long-standing commitment to corporate governance and transparency

*Value of assets under management based on fair market value of co-investment ventures and estimated investment capacity was $25.4 billion as of 31 December 2013; including the U.S Logistics Fund closed 9 January 2014, the total assets under management are $26.4 billion.


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Total Assets Under Management*

$26.4 billion 


15 funds across a broad risk/return spectrum


Americas, Europe, Asia 





* As of 9 January 2014


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